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With Feeder, you keep 100% updated with all news sources in one place. Feeder is specialized in following content from many different sources and keeping it organized. Take in what matters at just a glance. Whether it be news publications, social media like Twitter feeds or newsletters.

Don’t miss the next big headline

Cut through the noise and be the one to break the next big headline. With Feeder, you can get instant updates via e-mail, phone, or on your desktop to ensure you never miss a thing. Plus, everything is easy to share with your team.

Quick, quicker, Feeder

Feeder displays content in an easy to digest way, so you can take it in at one glance. Filter to increase relevancy and customize the view to your needs. You won’t believe how much faster you’ll be able to report on the things that matter with our help.


All sources that matter
— and then some

Get direct updates from Reuters, AFP, TT, Ritzau, STT and many more news agencies with thanks to our cutting edge agency integration. We support NewsML 1.2, NewsML G2 and other bespoke formats. Our FTP server is purpose built to instantly notify you when a new transmission occurs. Why not stop there? Follow direct sources: company blogs, press releases, newsletters, Twitter feeds, journalists and more.

Case study

The Norwegian News Agency transformed how they collect and distribute news items with Feeder

How they use Feeder? Editors each have an instance of Feeder set up with feeds from their respective branch. When new items come in, distributing them to reporters to use as sources is quick and easy thanks to custom-built sharing functions.

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Ideal for remote teams

With Feeder you can follow almost any source and quickly share it – no matter where you are. Looking to speed-up digital team work? Feeder make it simple and quick.

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