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Feeder coworker: Mattias Mellander

December 09, 2021 14:55

We realised when we published the Welcome Daniel post we haven’t really made a proper introduction to any of our other Feeder colleagues yet. We thought we might do just that, starting off with our chairman of the board: Mattias Mellander.

Hi Mattias! For those who’re not familiar with you yet; who are you?

I was born in Gothenburg, Sweden a long time ago. I am a father of two kids and a cancer survivor. It has really taught me to see life as a gift. To be curious, learn new things and always have fun is very important to me. My north star in life is to find great interactions between people.

What is your role at Feeder? What are your most common job assignments?

My role at Feeder is to support and co-work with my cofounders Erik and Johan in developing Feeder into a global company. I also support Daniel to build our Enterprise offering. To be part of the development of Feeder and this talented team is very inspiring and fun. Our team’s unique backgrounds brings the best out of us and really puts us in the front line of our field. Another of my assignments is to find and attract talented advisory people that can help us and bring unique knowledge to our journey and make Feeder even better.

What did you do before you started working for Feeder?

I’m a former investment banker and have been on the trading floor for the last 20 years. I have a Swedish Master’s degree in Finance and an American MBA in Finance.

After spending all those years on the floor, I was excited to join a new community as an entrepreneur. To learn new things again is fantastic and I really look forward to what we could accomplish with Feeder.

Do you have any links you want to share with us? Where can one reach you?

You can reach me by sending me an email at [email protected] or you can check out my Linkedin profile.

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