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Our biggest app release so far

February 25, 2021 09:27

We're so happy and proud to announce that our new apps for iOS and Android are officially out.

It's been a rough couple of months working on complicated app improvements and preparing for the big release. We've been working really hard to make the new apps match our own visions and expectations, but also to fulfil a lot of requests from our users. We had a pretty long list and we managed to check off almost all of them.

Features and updates for our new iOS and Android apps

New, faster and more intuitive reading experience.

  • Images – in your feed!
  • Sideways navigation between posts.
  • Use the new All posts tab to scroll through everything.
  • See all posts, all unread or all starred in a folder or feed easily

Customize the look and feel to your liking

Choose between different fonts, increase or decrease the font size when reading. We've also improved the styling of posts in Simple mode.

Choose between different themes.

  • Our themes are Dark, Light, Sand, Grey and Orange.

Use Collections to organize your posts or create completely new workflows.

Collections work great when collaborating as a team, or just if you want to organize your posts as you please.

Choose how to open posts

Choose if you want to open posts in the Feeder browser, in-app browser or your default browser, so it works just like our browser extensions

Simple sign-in with Google and Apple

Completely new tablet reading experience. Now also available for Android tablets

This was a massive challenge for our small company, especially in these difficult times. But we're extremely proud of ourselves and relieved that we finally made it happen. It's just the perfect start of 2021.

We'd also like to thank our beta testers who provided valuable feedback and powered through all the crashes. You rock!

We will be posting frequently throughout the spring here on our blog and on social media to get more deeply into all of our new app features. Right now it's up to you all to try out our new app. We're very excited to hear what you think of it. Let us know at [email protected] or our Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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